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16 Creative and Inexpensive Ways to Cover a Closet Without Doors


Closets are useful for storing clothes, shoes, and other accessories, but they may also be an eyesore in your home. There are, however, numerous inventive and low-cost solutions to cover a closet without doors and turn it into an attractive component of your home design.

In this blog, we have discussed 16 creative and inexpensive ways including installing drapes or a fabric canopy, a decorative screen or room divider, a vertical garden, a tapestry, a sliding barn door, or a decorative grille. These alternatives give privacy, provide visual appeal, and are easily customizable to your style and taste. You can simply change your closet into a gorgeous and functional component of your home decor with so many innovative solutions to pick from.

Hanging Curtains

Hanging curtains is one of the simplest ways to hide a closet without doors. What’s the best part? To fit the décor of your space, you can select from a variety of fabrics and colors. A tension rod, curtain hooks, and the fabric of your choice are required to hang curtains. After you’ve gathered all of your materials, measure the width and height of the closet entrance and cut the fabric appropriately. Make a pocket for the tension rod by sewing a hem at the top of the fabric. Lastly, attach the tension rod and hooks to the fabric. Voila! You now have a lovely curtain to cover your wardrobe.

Room Dividers and Folding Screens

Another wonderful alternative for covering a closet without doors is to use room dividers or folding screens. They are available in a range of materials, including wood, bamboo, and fabric, and can be easily moved about to adjust the layout of your area. Simply place a room divider or folding screen in front of the closet to use it. Choose a style and material that compliments the rest of the décor in your room, and you’ll have a stylish and effective answer to your closet problem.

Fabric Curtains

Fabric curtains are a fantastic alternative if you want something more quirky and colorful. You can create a patchwork impression with multiple textiles or a monochrome design with one hue. Measure the width and height of the closet opening and cut the fabric to size to make fabric curtains. Attach curtain hooks to the top of the fabric and sew a hem. You’re done when you hang the hooks on a tension rod. This choice is ideal for people looking to add a splash of color to their space.

Gallery Wall

Why not turn your wardrobe into a gallery wall if you enjoy art? A gallery wall is an excellent method to display your favorite pieces while also adding visual interest to your space. Measure the width and height of the closet opening and select the frames and artwork you wish to display to make a gallery wall. For a more diverse look, mix and match different sizes and designs of frames. Once you’ve gathered all of your frames and artwork, arrange them on the wall in a pleasing design. This choice is ideal for people who wish to express their artistic side.

Temporary Walls

Temporary walls are an excellent alternative if you are renting or do not want to commit to a permanent solution. To make a removable wall, use huge pieces of fabric, cardboard, or foam board. Select a material and covering option that compliments the rest of your room’s décor, and you’ll have a fashionable solution to your closet dilemma.

Decorative Mirror

A large decorative mirror is an excellent choice for covering a closet that lacks doors. It will reflect light, making your room appear larger. Simply put a beautiful mirror on the wall in front of the closet to complete the installation. Choose a design that complements the rest of the décor in your room, and you’ll have a useful and stylish answer to your closet dilemma.

Shelving Unit or Bookcase

If you need more storage, build a shelving unit or a bookcase in front of your closet. This choice is ideal for people looking to add storage as well as decorative flair to their space. Measure the width and height of the closet opening and choose a design and material that compliments the rest of the décor in your room to make a shelving unit or bookcase. You can buy a pre-made bookcase or build your own out of wood boards and brackets. Place your shelf unit or bookcase in front of the closet and stock it with your favorite books, accessories, and décor.

Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is a terrific method to cover your closet without doors if you enjoy plants. Hang pots or planters on the wall in front of the closet to make a lovely living wall. Select a variety of plants with contrasting colors and textures to create a visually attractive display. Choose plants that will grow in your room’s lighting conditions.

Hanging Tapestry

A hanging tapestry is an excellent choice for people looking to add texture and color to their space. You can create a one-of-a-kind and trendy style by combining different fabrics and designs. A tension rod and the cloth of your choice are required to hang a tapestry. Cut the fabric to fit the width and height of the closet opening. Make a pocket for the tension rod by sewing a hem at the top of the fabric. Install the tension rod and fabric. This option is ideal for people who wish to give their room a bohemian or eclectic feel.

Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door is an excellent choice for a more rustic and farmhouse-style appeal. A sliding barn door can be made with wood planks and a barn door kit. Choose a style and stain that compliments the rest of the décor in your room, and you’ll have a useful and elegant answer to your closet dilemma.

Beaded Curtain

Draping a beaded curtain over a wardrobe is a unique way to add texture and movement to any space. The beads offer a glittering and tactile touch to the area, adding aesthetic interest. Beaded curtains are available in a wide range of colors and patterns and can be produced from a variety of materials. Attach a rod or dowel to the wall or ceiling above the closet doorway and hang the curtain from the rod to install a beaded curtain. They can contribute to the creation of a sense of privacy in a room without fully shutting out light or airflow. Overall, hanging a beaded curtain over a closet is a simple and inexpensive DIY project that can be customized to suit your style and taste.

Canvas Painting or Artwork

A canvas painting or artwork installed over a closet door is a terrific way to bring personality and flair to any area. This choice is very effective in bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. A large canvas painting can serve as the room’s center point, captivating the eye and creating visual intrigue. A smaller piece of art, on the other hand, can be employed to compliment the room’s design and offer a splash of color. Just put the canvas on the wall with picture hangers or a hanging system. Make sure to carefully measure the canvas to ensure it covers the entire closet entrance.

Decorative Lights or Fairy Lights

Adding atmosphere and warmth to any area by hanging ornamental lights or fairy lights over a closet opening. This choice is especially effective in bedrooms and cozy living rooms. Just hang the lights from the ceiling using hooks or sticky strips. Fairy lights, which provide a whimsical and romantic touch to the room, are especially popular for this reason.

Wall Decal or Mural

A huge wall decal or mural is an eye-catching and imaginative method to conceal a closet entrance. This solution is very effective in children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries. Wall decals are simple to apply and remove, making them an excellent choice for renters or people who like to change their decor on a regular basis. Murals, on the other hand, need a bit more effort and ability to install but can produce a beautiful visual effect that completely alters the room.

Beadboard or Wainscoting Panel

Beadboard or wainscoting panels are a classic and attractive solution to cover a closet without a door. This solution works especially nicely in traditional or farmhouse-style homes. Beadboard panels can be put directly on the wall or affixed to a frame for a more dramatic impact. Wainscoting panels, which are taller than beadboard, can add height and majesty to a room. These alternatives can be painted or stained to complement the design of the room.

Fabric Canopy or Tent

Putting a cloth canopy or tent over a wardrobe opening is a fun and creative way to add a playful touch to any room. This option is especially effective in children’s bedrooms or playrooms, where it can create a comfortable and imaginative environment for play and relaxation. Attach a number of hooks or rods to the ceiling and hang the fabric from them to make the canopy or tent. For a light and airy feel, choose lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. You may match the design and style of the space with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

What can I use instead of a closet door?

Hanging curtains is an inexpensive and simple way to conceal your closet. It’s a simple do-it-yourself project that can be completed with basic sewing or no-sew techniques, and you can select from a choice of materials and colors to match your decor. Curtains are also simple to open and close, making it simple to gain access to your closet when necessary. Overall, it’s a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to standard closet doors that doesn’t necessitate a large investment, such as a sliding barn door or built-in bookcase.

How can I hide my closet without doors?

Hanging curtains, using a room divider, installing a sliding barn door, creating a bookcase, hanging a tapestry or piece of art, or utilizing a folding screen are all options for hiding your closet without doors. By concealing your closet, these alternatives can offer some decorative flair to your area. Hanging curtains is a simple DIY project that can be done with basic sewing or no-sew techniques, and you can choose from a number of fabrics and colors to complement your decor if you’re seeking an economical and easy choice.

How can I make my open closet look good?

There are various ways to make an open closet appear attractive and well-organized. One alternative is to color-coordinate your clothing and accessories to achieve a unified appearance. You may also add shelves or cubbies to display your shoes and accessories, as well as attractive baskets or bins to hold smaller items like socks and underwear. Another option is to hang your clothes on matching hangers and arrange them in an appealing manner, such as by grouping items by style or length. Lighting can also make your open closet look more inviting and functional. Finally, consider adding some decorative pieces, such as artwork or a plant, to give your closet space some flair.

How do you use curtains instead of closet doors?

Employing curtains instead of closet doors is a simple do-it-yourself project that may be completed using basic sewing or no-sew techniques. To begin, establish the size of the curtains you will need by measuring the width and height of your closet opening. Next, select your fabric and cut it to size, allowing a few inches extra on each side for hemming. Hem the fabric’s edges to avoid fraying and produce a neat finish. Finally, hang the curtains from curtain rods attached to the top and bottom of the closet entrance. Tiebacks or holdbacks can be used to keep the curtains open when you need to access your wardrobe. Overall, curtains are a cost-effective and fashionable alternative to standard closet doors.


Covering a closet with no doors is an excellent method to add aesthetic interest to your home while concealing unattractive clutter. There are numerous inventive and low-cost options to cover a closet without doors, ranging from hanging curtains to growing a vertical plant. Choose a solution that compliments the rest of the décor in your room and shows your personal style. With these ten suggestions, you’ll have a closet that is both functional and attractive.

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